Our Mission
Convergint is dedicated to developing a company culture where leadership and individual colleagues are committed to making responsible decisions to ensure:

  1. The health and safety of our colleagues, customers, business associates and the communities in which we operate
  2. The protection of our environment through responsible resource and waste management
  3. Sustainability by decision-making and company practices that will integrate social, economic and environmental considerations to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Health & Safety
Convergint Technologies continually works toward improving our health and safety policies as well as procedures. Management provides the mechanical and physical facilities required for personal health and safety in keeping with the highest standards.

It is Convergint Technologies’ policy to operate its business in an environmentally sound manner ensuring that our processes and procedures support a common concern for the environment. Convergint Technologies monitors our use of fuel, electrical energy, water, paper and waste products. All Convergint colleagues are expected to operate facilities and equipment in a safe, resourceful and environmentally friendly manner. Convergint colleagues ensure safe and efficient handling of our products, conserve and recycle our by-products and minimize our waste. All work site assessment conducted by Convergint colleagues include consideration for surrounding habitat.

Convergint Technologies was founded on ten Values and Beliefs that have been at the core of our success and have created a business that is customer focused, driven by solutions, with a colleague friendly culture. These Values and Beliefs are the basis of our corporate identity and form the foundation of our focus on the three pillars of sustainability.

Economic sustainability is about meeting the diverse needs of our customers, business partners and colleagues by providing what they need to grow and develop. It is about livelihood and service which is supported by our Value and Belief “We expect to be our customers’ best service provider“. By responsibly managing our profitability “We deliver results” in a sustainable manner.

Although environmental considerations tend to focus on specific outcomes such as energy conservation or CO2 reduction, having a framework for achieving these goals is the most important step in the process of making our company sustainable. Convergint Technologies promotes a corporate culture of integrity and accountability. These are reflected in our
Values and Beliefs such as “I am Convergint”, “I have integrity” and “I make responsible decisions”. By instilling such core values, we ensure that every colleague understands the day to day impact their work has on the environment and how they can reduce that impact.

Convergint Technologies recognizes its true prosperity lies in its colleagues and customers and as such, we incorporate our Value and Belief “We believe in balanced lives” – family, business, community, into our social sustainability practices and corporate governance. We are committed to preserving our colleagues’ rights and dignity, supporting community initiatives, and providing services to customers that not only protect the well being of its people, but also increase individual and community capacity to contribute toward a sustainable future.”