Did you know that 67% of companies have experienced a security incident related to unmanaged IoT devices? This trend is increasing, and the likelihood of an organization experiencing a cyberattack caused by unsecured IoT devices or applications is expected to increase to 87% in the next 24 months. It is difficult to keep track of all connected devices; in fact, 80% of risk professionals cannot identify most of their organization’s IoT devices.

In this recorded event, Blackpoint’s expert cyber team walks through the process of how a hacker targets a company, selects a way to breach their victim’s network, and then executes the breach. More importantly, Blackpoint covers how to protect businesses from these breaches. 

Convergint Cyber Account Executive Chris Palmer joined with Jamie Moore and Gene Harmon from Blackpoint Cyber to discuss how to secure IoT devices and protect organizations from hacks and cybersecurity breaches. 

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