The need for cybersecurity in water treatment plants is on the rise with the number of attacks drastically increasing. The security of these plants is crucial to the local infrastructure, ensuring residents have ongoing access to safe, clean water. In 2021, three US water treatment plants were hit with ransomware attacks, disrupting the plant’s supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, companies in the water treatment industry must adopt a defense-in-depth approach to cybersecurity and modernize their systems to defend against cyberattacks. Convergint’s team of experts can integrate a system to harden devices and mitigate risks associated with water utilities infrastructure.

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Convergint is a global systems integrator offering scalable, customizable utilities solutions with unparalleled service delivery. Convergint provides high-security protective strategies, methodical program implementation, and develops comprehensive solutions focused on driving operational efficiencies throughout the industrial utility market. With a deep understanding of regulatory compliance requirements, Convergint deploys a layered design to ensure maximum performance and functionality.

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Convergint offers comprehensive cybersecurity services to mitigate risk and improve cybersecurity posture. Using an innovative, scalable approach that aligns business objectives with customer needs, Convergint deploys custom-fit, robust programs to help protect your systems 24/7/365.

Convergint has a deep understanding of cybersecurity best practices across all verticals with the experience needed to develop and implement an effective, low-cost cyber defense for your security systems.

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Convergint is a global systems integrator focused on delivering results for customers through unparalleled service excellence. Convergint offers last-mile delivery for emerging technology, backed by a 20-year commitment to its core value of service. To learn more about cyber secure utilities, contact Convergint’s team of cybersecurity and utilities specialists today.