Cyber Security Consulting Services


Cybis is a leading cyber security consulting firm providing solutions from the intelligence world to companies looking to better protect themselves from hostile nation-states and other advanced threat actors.

Cybis consultants are an integrated team of former CIA, FBI and NSA cyber experts with decades of real-world experience conducting operations on behalf of the U.S. Government against the nation’s most advanced adversaries. Cybis leverages this expertise to provide our clients the benefit of the Offensive Operator’s perspective. We deliver holistic, system-agnostic cyber security solutions encompassing People, Process and Technology.


Cyber Advisor Services

Cyber Advisor Service

Many companies do not have the resources to hire a dedicated CISO so Cybis provides system-agnostic CISO expertise on an extended basis. Through our Cyber Advisor Service Program Cybis oversees the selection, testing, deployment and maintenance of security hardware, software, and outsourced arrangements. Cybis has a team of Subject Matter Experts available to provide insight, guidance and validation of all cyber issues facing your organization. 

Insider Threat

Having managed insiders around the globe for decades, Cybis has a unique understanding of how malicious actors will access network and data through social engineering. Cybis leverages this experience to design, implement and manage customized insider threat programs based on unique goals and requirements. Cybis help clients create and manage an insider threat program to counter risks associated with employees, vendors and contractors.

Incident Response & Planning

An effective incident response plan is critical to neutralizing attacks and limiting damage. But cyber attacks still occur despite the best planning and procedures. Cybis’ consultants are ready to assist and support clients’ internal teams during a cyber event. Cybis consultants have the skills to reveal how a cyber attack occurred and what data was accessed during the event to mitigate risks. They provide discrete consulting services throughout the entire investigation.


Cybis Expertise

Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

With years of experience conducting offensive operations on behalf of the US Government, Cybis takes a different approach to cyber vulnerability and risk assessments. We dispense with the checkbox methodology, evaluating internal and external threats to your organization from an offensive perspective to determine how an advanced actor would exploit your people, processes, and technologies.

Cyber Security Training

Education and Awareness are essential to ensuring organizational alignment with established policies, procedures, and compliance requirements. A well-developed training program that educates end-users on policies and their rationale increases compliance and reduces risk. 

Identity Management (IDM) Architecture

Cybis melds cyber and electronic security expertise and applies best practices to architect an effective IDM Solution. IDM services include: physical and logical access control to assets, identification and authentication, integration of identity-as-a-service and streamlining third-party solutions.

Red Team Penetration Testing

Having been trained to infiltrate organizations using an opportunistic mindset, Cybis simulates sophisticated, multi-vector attacks against client systems, hardware, facilities and personnel to search out weaknesses and vulnerabilities wherever they may manifest themselves. 

Discrete Consulting

Organizations face unique challenges that are not always easily categorized. Cybis’ agnostic expertise provides the ability to provide consulting services on all cyber security issues facing your organization.

Business Continuity

Identify, catalog, and understand organizations vulnerabilities and risk profile through a structured assessment process resulting in well documented key findings and recommendations.

Disaster Recovery

To minimize downtime and losses from disasters, it is critical that each organization have a comprehensive, and effective Disaster Recovery Plan to serve as a blueprint to expedite recovery efforts. Cybis’ Consultants are experts in the development, implementation and management of Disaster Recovery Plans in complex environments.

Technical & Security Planning Program Development

Create sound security solutions based on current and projected needs. Review existing infrastructures and create a technology road map with Enterprise Design solutions with your business operations, geographies and budgets in mind.