As a part of Fraud Prevention Month, the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Cyber Unit hosted a cybersecurity session for local businesses. Representatives attended CPS headquarters to learn about how to keep their businesses safe in the digital world. 

The Cyber Business Academy featured experts from Cybis, who delivered a presentation entitled Think Like an Attacker.  The discussion covered topics such as the current threat landscape, an integrated approach to security, and building for resiliency. The event was part of a larger push to increase public-private partnerships, focusing on local law enforcement and small to mid-sized businesses.

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Cybis: Agency Grade™ Cybersecurity Consulting

About Cybis

Cybis is a leading cybersecurity consulting firm providing Agency Grade® solutions to private sector clients. Our team is staffed by former operators from the NSA, CIA, and Department of Defense who have a cross-disciplinary expertise and help clients manage their business’s value at risk. As former offensive cybersecurity operators, we “think like an attacker” to determine where and how our clients are most likely to be targeted, and to craft strategies of defense and resilience to protect the business. Our approach integrates the technical, physical, and human dimensions of security to identify, prioritize and remediate complex risks, and vulnerabilities.

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