With the changing security environment due to innovations in technology, businesses in the industry are experiencing obsolescence of legacy systems. Companies can future-proof their security systems and control the ever-changing digital environment by adopting digital twins.

Seal Telecom, a Convergint Company, hosted a live webinar with Convergint’s Executive Director of Business Development Steve Washburn where he discussed digital twins, its practical applications, and how companies can benefit from this technology.

Watch the below video to discover how companies can develop, evaluate, and improve their security products through digital transformation.

About Steve Washburn

Steve Washburn

Executive Director of Business Development, Convergint

Steve Washburn is the Executive Director of Business Development for Convergint’s Digital Transformation team. Steve is responsible for business development, team management, and performance of all Digital Transformation sales activities across Convergint’s local, strategic, and global business units. Steve helps customers migrate from on-premise technology solutions to cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud services while introducing the latest AI and ML technologies to help customers become safer, more secure, and more profitable.