According to the Alzheimer’s Association, as of 2016 an estimated 5.4 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease. Many of these people will eventually end up in senior living communities where resident wandering is a significant concern.

Ascom teleCARE IP emergency call systems offered by Convergint Technologies are the most flexible and comprehensive onsite communications solutions available for senior living facilities that comply with UL 2560 requirements.

Residents Can Rely on Staff

This emergency call system for senior living facilities enables the use of discreet wireless wrist-worn or pendant call devices to give residents the independence and quality of life they desire, while ensuring assistance is always nearby. Calls from residents go directly to the right staff, and accurate, reliable location technology enables staff to go to residents wherever the call is made.

Emergency Call System Technology

Provides Peace of Mind

A major benefit to this nurse call technology is both staff and residents can go about daily activities knowing they always are linked. Residents’ loved ones can rest assured the facility is doing all it can to keep a watchful, yet respectful, eye on those in its care.

Provides the Right Technology for Care

Handsets, room devices, and mobile wrist-worn units enhance quality of life for residents at all stages of need, enabling them to make requests, call for help, control the environment, and maximize mobility. Where dementia units are involved, wandering management system enables staffs to discreetly monitor residents, with technology that sends automatic alerts when a specific resident is leaving an area unauthorized – even locking of doors can be achieved to ensure his or her safety.

Unite Capabilities

Unite is the Ascom messaging middleware suite, and when you integrate teleCARE IP with Unite, you get interactive messaging capabilities to different carriers, such as VoWiFi, IP-DECT, and paging devices. It’s simply an easy and flexible way to intelligently combine all your communications. Other benefits include complete integration with many other alert systems (fire, HVAC, etc.), call diversion, and supervision.

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