Major cities are starting digital transformations across all sectors—with the main objective to becoming smarter and safer cities. Driven by data intelligence, cities can streamline their evolution by embracing new technologies. Many technology systems can equip cities to safely and effectively support activities and optimize efficiency. Cities rely on AI-based solutions, such as face recognition for pinpointing suspects in video; license plate recognition (LPR) software to identify vehicles that have violated traffic laws or locate stolen vehicles; and video content analytics to accelerate investigations, increase situational awareness, and derive operational intelligence.

Time Saving Search 

The BriefCam comprehensive video content analytics platform drives exponential value from surveillance camera investments by making video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable. BriefCam offers a robust portfolio of fully integrated critical video analytics capabilities delivered in three platform modules:

  • Derive Operational Intelligence: Operators can rapidly create and customize interactive, intuitive dashboards with chart suggestions that auto-generate reports and the Insight Advisor feature, which prioritizes relevant data points. BriefCam offers visual layers, such as dwelling heatmaps or paths visualizations, to expose object interactions, dwell time, and activity.

  • Attain Situational Awareness: Real-time alerting capabilities enable organizations to proactively respond to situational changes in their environment, while effectively balancing sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Users can define dynamic rules based on extensive object class and attribute combinations, face matching, and count-based alerts that trigger notifications for a specified number of objects or a concurrent number of objects in a predefined period of time.

  • Accelerate Investigations: Enabling robust multi-camera search capabilities, BriefCam can identify men, women, children, vehicles, and lighting changes. Additionally, offering an ever-increasing and powerful set of distinct search combinations, including 27 classes and attributes, in addition to face recognition, appearance similarity, color, size, speed, path, direction, and dwell time.

A fully integrated capability of the BriefCam® video content analytics platform, BriefCam’s VIDEO SYNOPSIS® solution uses real video, extracts objects of interest, and then superimposes those objects on a stationary background, simultaneously displaying events that have occurred at different times, with the ability to link back to original video. 

Smart cities are becoming standard and technology-driven intelligence and data analytics will become inseparable from urban planning and city management. Convergint, partnered with BriefCam, provides solutions that continually develop and support the changing needs of local municipalities and law enforcement.

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