The Associated Press recently reported that federal authorities are stepping up investigations at Department of Veterans medical centers, due to a sharp increase in opioid theft, missing prescriptions, or unauthorized use by employees, according to government data obtained by the AP. In many cases, drug supplies were stolen by doctors, nurses, or pharmacy staff who took advantage of insufficient drug tracking procedures at the hospitals.

Convergint partners with Hamilton to provide lockers with the security capabilities that pharmacies need for storing certain types of drugs, along with other valuables and confidential documents. 

Pharmacy Needs

Most pharmacies will have the following needs when it comes to drug lockers:

  • Strong and durable steel cabinet construction to prevent intruders from breaking in
  • A dependable and reliable locking system
  • An audit trail management control system to track employee access to the drugs safe
  • A keyless locking system to designate and limit authorized access to the drug locker
  • A theft-proof mounting method to secure the drug storage locker to the floor or counter
  • An interior organization system including drawers and dividers to keeping medications organized for easy access
  • The ability to store large and small containers, as well as pharmacy files and records

Safe Keyless Entry with Audit Trail

These lockers feature a high-security digital lock with audit trail. Authorized entry first requires the opening of a mechanical “managers” key lock. Once open, access is granted only after the correct digital code is entered into the electronic lock. With every entry, an audit stamp is recorded by the lock with user information and the date and time of entry. Every transaction via the electronic lock is recorded, enabling a digital trail that is 100% secure and irrefutable.

Drug Locker Construction

Lockers can be fabricated to just about any size, shape, or finish that your business might require, and  a broad range of colors, materials, finishes, and locks are available.

  • Casings: Cold-rolled steel with painted finish
  • Doors: Formed steel with heavy-gauge stainless steel cladding over entire door face.
  • Hinges: Extruded architectural bronze or stainless steel at full height.
  • Numbering: Decorator number plate frames with black numbers on a goldenrod background.
  • Standard UL-listed safe deposit box lock: Either single or double nose. Combination locks, electronic locks, and time delay locks are optional.

Convergint can also offer solutions for pharmacies, such a pharmacy safe, transaction drawer, window, and audio or video units.

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