The acronym EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) is pivotal in the utilities sector. These three components are essential for bringing new locations online. Although utilities often rely on their internal resources, the rapid industry growth makes complete self-sufficiency challenging. Funding for new utility builds is limited, necessitating the choice to either leverage a general contractor or an EPC to bridge the gap, or risk missing new business opportunities.

In terms of security, EPCs are focused on compliance and standardization. This is just one area where Convergint excels. The Convergint Utilities team benefits from internal engineering and design expertise. Their technology partners expedite everything from procurement management to equipment staging and mobilization. Sometimes, Convergint’s involvement is limited to the final stages of the EPC process, focusing on cameras and access control. The last mile or the final 10% of the QAQC process has proven to be the most challenging for many contractors. Recognizing its value, Convergint Utilities is increasingly being engaged 6-18 months before ground-breaking, acting as a true strategic partner.

Convergint Utilities offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions supporting the EPC, including:

  • IFC Engineering and design coordination with A&E, consultants, and owners.

  • Innovative ideas using the latest in perimeter detection technology integration.

  • Construction management oversight of field trades for technology.

  • Operational PMO & project management services in remote locations.

  • Field support for QAQC, site commissioning, and adherence to owner standards.

These services create project opportunities across various sub-verticals, such as:

  • Transmission/distribution

  • Power generation

  • Solar sites

  • LNG

  • Synchronous condenser sites

  • Battery storage applications

  • DERM sites

As a result, Convergint is involved in numerous initiatives related to construction and funding for clients. Convergint has extensive experience working with partners on grid modernization programs, technology & engineering assessment timelines, and substation hardening programs, all aligning with owner compliance and SOC for alarm monitoring.

Convergint provides high-security protective strategies, methodical program implementation, and comprehensive solutions aimed at optimizing security and driving operational efficiencies within the industrial utility market. With a deep understanding of industry threats and regulatory compliance requirements, Convergint employs a layered design approach to ensure maximum performance and functionality.

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Convergint is the premier service partner for the utilities sector, prioritizing security and customer satisfaction. Convergint’s Utilities team offers tailored solutions, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional support to empower utility companies in this ever-changing landscape. To learn more about Convergint’s utilities capabilities, contact a specialist today.