High security mobile solution in all-in-one C-CURE Go Reader

Managing identities and access throughout an enterprise is more challenging than ever,  and having access is paramount to an efficient and productive workforce.  The C-CURE Go Reader is an access solution that creates complete visibility and mobility for 24/7 mission critical security. The handheld device paired with an innovative “virtual door” software is capable of granting or denying access in even the most remote, disconnected areas such as construction sites, offline events, and roaming security checkpoints.

The C-CURE Go Reader is a completely portable security solution using the C-CURE 9000 security and event management system, providing quick identity verification for various remote sites. It manages credentials to keep people productive while monitoring operations to keep everyone safe.

ccure go reader

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Learn more about how Convergint, partnered with Tyco Software House, can deploy this system to help organizations achieve critical security goals and maintain a safe and secure environment, while also hardening security systems. 

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