The confidential atmosphere of data centers requires high-level security, both physical and cyber. Handling private customer data and mission-critical functions require compliance with industry regulations. Failure to comply could result in severe penalties and unexpected downtime costs. As technology continues to evolve and the use of virtualized servers and advanced computing increases, data centers become more vulnerable to cyber-physical security attacks, which can lead to a damaged reputation and loss of customer confidence.

Data centers must ensure uptime by adopting an access control solution built to address these challenges. Convergint partners with Genetec to provide a robust, cyber-secure access control platform that meets industry regulations and secures both physical and virtual assets.

Synergis: Uninterrupted Security to Maximize Uptime

Security Center Synergis, Genetec’s IP access control solution, offers a modern approach to security. It uses advanced technologies to manage occupancy rates, track evacuations during emergencies, and protect unmanned enclosures down to the edge, all while ensuring compliance and consistent response times. 

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