Security today involves much more than simply protecting property and people. Every business is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all security solution for every company. Convergint Technologies partners with Bosch Security to use video as a sensor, a new technology that combines machine learning and video surveillance

What Is Video as a Sensor?

Today, traditional security devices are transforming into sensors that provide critical data which organizations can analyze and use to develop new business intelligence. The information that video as a sensor gathers helps improve customer satisfaction and business processes. It also helps companies focus on the security of customers, employees, and property. Bosch’s smart infrastructure and city solutions can be used to address mobility problems as well.

Video as an IoT (internet of things) sensor is an edge-based, flexible detection platform. It facilitates a variety of security and traffic solutions, such as smart parking, automatic incident detection for highways, and data capture for smart infrastructure planning. This revolutionary, advanced technology brings smart security cameras and machine learning to traffic and city infrastructures. The more surveillance cameras can learn, and the more data they can collect, the more accurate and application-specific they can perform.

This technology creates smart infrastructure opportunities, improving safety and mobility within communities. See how it helped one city in the video below.

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Benefits of Using Video as a Sensor

This innovative technology has many benefits, such as:

  • Customized Applications – Applications can be customized for each business’ unique needs. The cameras can learn to recognize and sense specific situations or stationary objects, such as cars, bikes, trucks, or people, instead of just triggering alerts when they detect motion. These systems can separate vehicles at a stoplight whether they move or not, or how long a car has occupied a space. 

    The security system further enhances video metadata because not only can it detect when people or objects are present, but also once they’re gone. It also detects patterns and essentially learns what normal versus abnormal traffic is.

    This ability provides more valuable data that can improve business efficiencies and security, as well as help develop new revenue streams and business opportunities. When surveillance cameras can learn, the data they provide helps organizations meet the requirements of business intelligence and security needs.

  • Machine Learning – Video as a sensor incorporates machine learning so as to customize the built-in video analytics to focus on the most important things in a business. These cameras retain information on newly defined situations, objects that can be identified, and any changes after that. Then the cameras refer to the data they’ve collected when they process the scenes they overlook. Businesses can combine the new data that the cameras learn with customized object filters and alarm rules, making them more flexible and accurate when they alert to suspicious activity.

Using video as a sensor can significantly improve the security of a facility and exceed business’ expectations, without costing much more than traditional security. Convergint and Bosch focus on the requirements of their customers by providing some of the most innovative security solutions on the market.

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