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Convergint Technologies has been partnering with government agencies and contractors to comply with HSPD-12/FIPS 201 requirements since 2005. We are a qualified HSPD-12 service provider and have direct relationships with GSA’s Office of Government Wide Policy, Identity Assurance and Trusted Access Division, the GSA approved PACS testing lab, and the Smart Card Alliance. We ensure that for all HSPD-12/FIPS 201-2 deployments, PACS components are listed on the GSA Approved Product List. We have a CSEIP (Certified Systems Engineer ICAM PACS) on staff to ensure proper application of all requirements.

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FICAM Definitions

PIV – Personal Identity Verification

  • Smart card issued by FED with specific identity proofing requirements fully trusted by FED.
CSEIP – Certified Systems Engineer ICAM & PACS

  • Certification for systems engineers on how to set up and test E-PACS to align with FIPS-201.
PIV – I – PIV Interoperable

  • Smart card issued by non-FED with specific identity proofing still trusted by FED.
FICAM – Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management

  • The overall government-wide program linking PIV, PACS and LACS.
CAC (KaaK) – Common Access Card

  • DoD version of PIV – interoperable with PIV but has additional elements specific to DoD.
Federal Bridge

  • An information system that facilitates acceptance of PKIs for transaction. It is not a single entity, but encompasses Certification Authorities (CAs) from multiple vendors.
CAK (Cake) – Card Authentication Key

  • Specific certification used for badge reading.
OCSP – Online Certificate Status Protocol

  • Internet protocol used for obtaining the revocation status of PKI digital certificate.
PKI Cert – Digital “key” stored on PIV

  • System that secures electronic information.
SVP – Online Certificate Status Protocol

  • Internet protocol for determining the path between a PKI digital certificate and a trusted root and the validation of that path.
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