Fun and laughter are essential to Convergint Technologies company culture, as one of its founding Values & BeliefsForbes featured Convergint in its article “Make Fun Part of Your Mission: Lessons from a Billion Dollar Company,” which credits this fundamental belief to be part of the root of Convergint’s year-over-year success. 

Make Fun Part of Your Mission

Although unconventional, co-founders Greg Lernihan and Dan Moceri believed that fun has helped Convergint achieve nearly two decades of double-digit growth and surpass $1 billion in sales in 2018.

Fun and laughter even extend beyond the workplace for colleagues. Each year, Convergint gives its colleagues a “Fun & Laughter Day,” which includes a day off from work and $100 from Convergint with only one requirement: it must be used for fun and laughter

“At Convergint, our last Value & Belief is all about having fun,” said Convergint Co-Found Dan Moceri. “You are going to work hard, so make sure you enjoy the work you do….In the end, that’s what really counts: that your work is something that fulfills and excites you, as much as it provides for you.” The founding 10 Values & Beliefs drive the positive culture and are what truly makes Convergint different.

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“We had never heard of a company building their culture around having fun and laughter on a daily basis. While all of our Values & Beliefs are critical, our tenth value and belief is specifically about promoting fun, and it’s a cornerstone of our company. It gives everyone in the company the opportunity and the permission to have fun, regardless of the scenario.” 

~ Greg Lernihan, Convergint Co-Founder 

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