Convergint colleagues in the Fort McMurray area have been caught in a massive evacuation involving over 88,000 people as forest fires continue to rage. Both travel and communications in the region remain difficult as many were forced to flee to locations north and south of the city for safe haven. A number of areas of the city have been subject to major damage with some communities being as much as 80% destroyed.

“Our priority has been focused on the location and safe evacuation of our colleagues and their families and to ensure their immediate and long term safety,” said Brain Haw, VP Canadian Operations. “We believe our office remains intact, but we will confirm this when it is safe to re-enter the area.”

About 20,000 evacuees are expected to arrive in Edmonton with many more to follow. With shelters filling fast, both the Calgary and the Edmonton CTCs are working to provide assistance and arrange emergency lodging for those colleagues and their families in immediate need.

Many clients in the Fort McMurray region have shut down operations, while others have scaled down production and are operating with a skeleton crew. “We are working closely with our clients in the region to ensure we are assisting their operations safely through this crisis,” adds Haw.

Management will continue to update colleagues throughout the evacuation process, including how they are able to assist those in need.