• Convergint’s partner Detrios has developed a universal reporting tool for tracking COVID-19 exposure and minimizing spread.

  • The COVID-19 Exposure Report Tool (CERT) leverages access control card reader data to reduce the possible risk from COVID-19 spread.

  • Contact Convergint’s Professional Services Group (PSG) to get your FREE download of CERT.

Stopping the rapid spread of COVID-19 is the #1 priority for both governments and companies.  The COVID-19 virus can be transmitted simply by being in close proximity of others via respiratory droplets, through physical contact such as a handshake, or even by touching surfaces like doors, door handles, and turnstiles. Once a case of COVID-19 is confirmed at an organization, it can be very difficult to determine with whom an infected person may have been in contact.

Access control card reader history can be leveraged to provide data about infected people and their interactions. This data enables security departments and administrators to notify people who may have been in contact with the infected individual and take other mitigating actions to reduce exposure and maintain operations.

Convergint’s Professional Services Group has partnered with Detrios to deliver the COVID-19 Exposure Report Tool (CERT), which leverages card reader activity to quickly identify potential COVID-19 exposure and minimize its spread.

COVID-19 Exposure Report Tool

CERT was created in an effort to use card reader access history to help organizations quickly identify cardholders who were in close physical proximity to another cardholder positive for COVID-19.

Time frames can be specified before and after a COVID-19 positive individual entered an area. Administrators can also receive a CSV export of those potentially exposed to COVID-19, with the ability to obfuscate COVID-19 positive or exposed individuals’ names, to protect people’s identities and calculate the magnitude of exposure.

Detrios’ CERT is a universal tool that may be used with the following access control solutions:

  • AMAG Symmetry (8.2)

  • Avigilon ACM (5.12, 6.4)

  • Genetec Security Center (5.9)

  • Honeywell ProWatch (4.3)

  • LenelS2 NetBox (5.1)

  • LenelS2 OnGuard (7.3 – 7.6)

  • RS2 AccessIt! Universal .NET (7.2)

  • Software House C-CURE 9000 (2.7, 2.8)

If you do not see a specific access control software above, complete the form listed below and a representative from Convergint’s PSG can work with you to see if there is a custom solution that can be developed.

About Detrios

Detrios designs, delivers, and supports integrated access control and business system solutions to meet the toughest challenges. Detrios has a combined 45 years of experience developing custom software integrations in the access control space. As former customer-facing software engineers at one of the leading access control software manufacturers in the world, Detrios’ founders saw a need to bring expertise to the market for consulting and developing integrated software solutions broadly across many different access controls systems and industries. To learn more about Detrios visit www.detrios.com



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