Convergint Technologies and Shooter Detection Systems held a joint webinar to explore steps that the aviation industry can take to help increase safety and security in the event of an active shooter.

Speakers included Matt Powell, Transportation Business Development Manager at Convergint, and Dan Michelinie, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at Shooter Detection Systems.

This webinar included an live fire demonstration of the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. View the webinar to watch as a mock active shooter moves through an office equipped with indoor gunshot detection, putting Guardian to the test with an actual live shot of an assault rifle.


Active shooter incidents in the U.S. are rising dramatically each year, and there is a growing need for actionable intelligence to combat these threats in the moment. In response to this risk, Shooter Detection Systems has developed gunshot detection technology that is designed to save lives and minimize the destruction caused during mass shooting incidents. SDS has 14 million hours of installed time in real-world environments with zero false alerts. It enables instant communication through e-mail and text message, with additional notification pathways such as access control, alarm panels, video management, mass notification, digital radios, and mobile application technologies. Because active shooter situations often occur within 10- to 15-minute windows, every individual second counts.

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