As technology evolves and threats continue to increase, audio systems can offer a world of possibilities to improve security and increase operational efficiency across premises. Network audio systems can be used for different purposes across organizations, including:

  • Audio for Security & Safety: Proactive deterrence alerts and safety announcements that help prevent trespassing, loitering, theft, and other threats
  • Audio for Operational Efficiencies: Added background music, marketing announcements, and paging capabilities

Convergint works with Axis Communications to deploy innovative network audio solutions that can be added to security systems to transform a passive, reactive solution into a proactive deterrent. 

All-in-One Network Audio Systems

With all-in-one network audio devices from Axis, there is no need for a rack of expensive gear. Built-in audio management software for scheduling and zoning helps to monitor and control audio systems—no matter how big or advanced—and ensure announcements are broadcasted at the right time and place. Other features include:

  • Automated health monitoring for remote device testing

  • Two-way talk back

  • Adjustable latency

  • PoE powered systems for easy installation

  • Equalization presets for improved sound clarity and natural communication

  • Open IP for easy integration with other systems

Proactive Deterrence with Video Surveillance Integration

As an extension of existing video surveillance systems, network audio adds value, keeping critical areas safe from unauthorized people while allowing for proactive deterrence from security threats.

  • See it with cameras 

  • Say it with speakers

  • Do it with analytics

Download the flyer here for more information about how network audio solutions add value to video surveillance systems. 

A Critical Part of a Total Security Solution

When integrated with cameras, video management systems, physical access control, and intercoms, network audio is part of a total security solution. Axis offers AXIS Camera Station: an all-in-one solution to manage all of these systems, from one vendor. Axis IP cameras, access control solutions, intercoms, and speakers can also integrate with 3rd party systems including automated building controls for larger, more complex systems.

Contact Convergint today to learn more about adding value to existing security systems with innovative network audio solutions from Axis Communications. 

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