Securing a global organization is complex due to expansive geographic footprints, diversity in regulatory environments, evolving product and technology standards, and the speed and unpredictability of change.  Today’s economic uncertainty has magnified the pressure on global security organizations to operate efficiently, while contributing enhanced services to their respective businesses.   

Global leaders demand visibility, consistency, and technology

Global accounts prioritize visibility. As such, the ideal security system will facilitate risk exposure and reveal opportunities for process improvement. With this, responses will be accelerated and incidents will be better managed via a proactive stance. Furthermore, communications encompassing global and local field issues will be optimized, and all platforms will be tested to ensure better and more visible outcomes. Ultimately, improved visibility will tie back to actionability in planning and budgeting.

Owning the complexity 

Customer ownership is critical to the long-term viability of any integrated security solution. The process begins with the selection of a third-party partner and integrator who can successfully adhere to global standards. 

A single point of coordination is necessary to review critical account information, create accountability aligned to organizational requirements, and generate one experience in delivering services globally. More specifically, a global intelligence-based playbook lends itself to businesses with multiple sites and technology partners. This approach allows for safer outcomes and data-driven decision-making. And alignment with IT and GRE processes allows global enterprises to focus on strategy.

Why Convergint?

Convergint simplifies global security integration with coverage across North America, Central America, South America, EMEA, Oceania, and Asia. The Global Accounts team is comprised of account managers that identify business opportunities and program managers that ensure operational consistency throughout the world.

Convergint’s dedicated strategic team centralizes security standards, specifications, and expectations on a global basis. With the global footprint needed to support fast-paced markets at a local level, Convergint offers customized solutions for unique business needs. To learn more about global accounts, contact Convergint’s team of specialists today.