The Inclusion & Diversity Group held the first-ever Global Emerging Leaders Seminar in Ireland 27th-30th of September. This 2-day learning experience was geared towards helping leaders develop their leadership skills and learn to work more cohesively across countries. It also provided leaders with tools to better engage their colleagues and ensure Convergint’s Values and Beliefs are at forefront of every business decision they make.

Yaruba Tate, Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity, brought the Global Emerging Leadership Seminar to EMEA to gain an understanding and discuss introspectively the exponent of Inclusion & Diversity. This highlights Convergint’s commitment to investing in its colleagues to ensure diverse perspectives and voices are brought onto the team to review the company’s programs, policies, and initiatives as they relate to Inclusion & Diversity. 

Highlights of Seminar

Inclusion & Diversity Council

Convergint has developed an Inclusion & Diversity Council to serve as a working advisory body to Convergint leadership. The functions and responsibilities of the Inclusion & Diversity Council are as follows:

  • To serve as a communication channel through which all colleagues will be able to express ideas as they relate to I&D issues.

  • To review Convergint’s programs, policies, and initiatives, including strategic action plans, reports, and policy statements as they relate to I&D.

  • To provide periodic updates on the Council’s goals and progress to organizational leadership and all colleagues.

  • To provide advice and consultation to the Vice President of I&D on the development and implementation of the organization’s initiatives.

  • To ensure diversity, equality, and accessibility are considered in strategic management initiatives and that strategic planning is aligned with I&D objectives.

  • To develop and support initiatives aimed at promoting I&D.

  • To support all levels of leadership in their efforts to enhance and promote I&D.

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Convergint’s greatest strength is its people. Convergint Nation is made up of a diverse network of global colleagues who believe wholeheartedly in its service-first mission and guiding Values and Beliefs.