For hospitals and healthcare systems, change is constant, and ensuring that security systems are agile is critical. Hospital environments evolve for many reasons–construction projects, staff turnover, and shifts in patient flow, among others. As a result, this security infrastructure requires frequent, real-time evaluation and updates that keep staff, patients, and other personnel safe at all times, in any situation.

The only way to have 100% confidence in a security system is to have it routinely tested, monitored, and maintained, while providing consistent training to staff members. Convergint specializes in working with healthcare customers to take a proactive approach to security–installing and managing systems that can evolve alongside the needs of the hospital.

Keeping staff and patients safe is our priority: Convergint’s After Warranty Program

When it comes to keeping staff and patients safe–it’s important to have a partner that’s committed to overseeing and managing security infrastructure, proactively, in real time. Convergint’s after-warranty support program provides continuous performance monitoring and proactive maintenance to avoid unexpected system disruptions and downtime. Hospitals have the support of a highly-trained team of experts to stay ahead of security threats and address issues quickly should they arise.  

In addition to real-time monitoring, Convergint’s team of Service Technicians conduct monthly audits and system maintenance that are under warranty or on a Convergint Support Agreement, using business intelligence insights to get ahead of any issue that may occur. For example, in the case of patient security systems, if Convergint sees an increase in alarms, the team investigates the cause and takes steps to correct the problem. In some cases, the fix can be as simple as training a new staff member. 

Convergint service technicians are highly committed to our healthcare customers–from monitoring systems remotely to traveling for system installations, scheduled maintenance, and system modifications.

Service contracts

Convergint can help build agility into your security systems through our service contracts. To learn more, download the system support documents below.

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