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Nurse Call Communication
Providing a platform for clinical connectivity between patient and staff improves patient safety and increases staff efficiency by delivering the correct message to the correct care provider in a timely manner.
Emergency Call and Resident Safety
Providing a wireless platform for clinical connectivity between resident and caregivers improves resident safety and increases staff efficiency by delivering the correct message to the correct care provider in a timely manner.
Patient/Resident Wandering Management
Giving patients and residents freedom of movement while keeping a watch over them helps ensure their safety. This system defines and implements alerts and alarm rules to provide freedom while keeping them safe.
Infant Protection
Implementing alerts and alarms which would be triggered when a baby has moved outside their designated area provides not only security for the infants, but also peace of mind for their families.
Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS)
Efficiently locating staff, patients, and equipment to optimize workflow, improving patient care, and streamlining processes deliver competitive advantages and sets a higher standard in every healthcare environment.
Wireless Communication
Wireless phones, smart phones, and pagers streamline staff communications to reduce communication gaps and delays between staff members.
Clinical Workflow Automation
Leveraging the RTLS infrastructure provides real-time status of a patient’s progress through a department.
Healthcare Grade Television
State-of-the-art patient media portals can greatly improve the patient experience, which can lead to increased patient satisfaction scores.

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