Higher education campuses are rapidly-evolving to keep up with the technological demands of the next generation. Mobile access is transforming campuses, making life easier for students, but posing threats for security. HID Global and Convergint Technologies collaborate to provide secure access to digital and physical places around the world. With security as a priority, campuses must focus on creating secure access for a variety of environments.

University Environments

Campus environments are dynamic and difficult to protect because the population and infrastructure are ever-changing. Law enforcement and administrators implement various campus security systems and strategies to protect students, faculty, and staff. They accomplish this utilizing the latest security to prevent catastrophic incidents such as active shooter events. HID Mobile Access turns the smartphones, tablets, and wearables that students and faculty already carry into mobile access devices.

Mobile Access Improves the User Experience and Enhances Security

HID Mobile Access provides an easy-to-use, convenient alternative to access cards that expands the use of mobile access. With one digital identity students and employees can use their devices for physical access to locations and payment authentication. They can also use the same credentials for mobile tickets to events and to rent library materials and equipment.

Authenticating digital credentials doesn’t just improve the user experience. It leaves prospective students and parents as well as visitors with a professional, modern impression of campus security. Users can rest easy, knowing that their digital credentials are secure and they’re allowed more flexibility.

For universities and colleges, it enhances security by combining the Secure Identity Object data model, Seos® credential technology, and security best practices to bind every ID to the specific device. It protects the information while the device is in motion and at rest.

Features and Benefits of Mobile Access 

Mobile access control is a cost-effective security solution that improves operational efficiency and makes costs predictable. Security administrators can use the online mobile access portal to issue and revoke, create, and manage credentials over-the-air saving them time.

HID Mobile Access apps download easily on Apple iTunes and Google Play, and are compatible with most devices used today. The user-based subscription model makes it easier to calculate the cost of access per student. If a student purchases a new device or loses theirs, administrators can reissue their credentials remotely and at no extra cost.

Mobile Access is the Next Logical Step in Access Security 

Restricting physical and digital access remains a critical security measure for many businesses, facilities, and campuses everywhere today. Mobile access allows people to use their credentials for more than just access to buildings. Users can access cashless vending machines, tickets, rentals, and more. Administrators save money and increase efficiency.

The success of mobile access solutions implemented by colleges and universities is far-reaching.

digital identity

If this state-of-the-art security technology works in an environment that constantly changes, then it also works for many other types of locations. It enables communications and provides access to applications and data that previously required complex and unwieldy devices.

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