Healthcare institutions need to protect their patients, employees, and assets, while keeping security technology as subtle and unobtrusive as possible. Today’s technologically advanced security equipment, combined with proper planning and preparation, enhances the security of medical facilities and seamlessly blends into the environment.

Convergint and Axis Communications partner together to build comprehensive security solutions to prepare employees to respond quickly in the case of a real violent intruder incident. Axis Communications provides the cutting-edge security systems and equipment necessary to formulate and implement a solid security plan.

Crisis Response Security Challenges

The biggest problem with emergency preparedness is complacency. No one thinks it will happen to them. If companies haven’t practiced situational drills or how to access video surveillance from the security camera system, then they won’t know how to do so in a real emergency. Training and preparation are critical for better outcomes.

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Planning and Preparation

The process of making companies in the healthcare industry as safe as possible involves more than intelligent technology. Advanced planning and preparation for violent intruders saves lives and mitigates security threats.

No one person can oversee a safety program. It takes collaboration between multiple safety and security teams. To prepare for a violent intruder incident, the security team will have thoughtful conversations so they can be smart about resources and their approach to safety. 

As a global security integrator, Convergint helps facilities create security plans and prepare for violent events with situation drills. Additionally, Convergint can help define the roles of personnel during security incidents to increase their effectiveness.

Many safety concerns are universal, even though each business has different threat levels. No matter what, safety is critical to everyone. Convergint and Axis Communications collaborate to provide customized security solutions for the healthcare industry.

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Making Healthcare Businesses Safer Using Advanced Security Technology

The value of security technology is dependent upon the team that implements it. Most companies have strict budgets, so it’s vital to leverage technology to fill in the personnel gaps. It becomes a force multiplier if utilized correctly.

Technology, such as intelligent surveillance and audio analytics, greatly enhances response and reaction times. The equipment recognizes the sound of a gunshot or breaking glass and automatically begins triggering responses. It can shut down systems and signal the authorities to respond. Advanced analytics and new technology ensure the safety of patients and employees. Introducing intelligent threat detection through innovative security and technology provides many healthcare facilities with the safest environment possible.

Sean Owens, the Director of Public Safety Technology and Non-Acute Care of Lee Health in Florida, explained that the Sound Intelligence Aggression Detector analytic has been a game changer for their facilities. The staff receives notifications of problems long before panic alarm activations or phone calls. The advanced notice allows their Public Safety team to respond to incidents quicker than ever before.

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