Developing world-class service integration begins by understanding that when installing a Real-Time Locating System (RTLS), it is important to look at the full scope of what RTLS can do. Simply looking at a single use case in a single department is not fully optimizing an organization’s investment.

Multiple applications and use cases can be stacked on an RTLS infrastructure. Various departments can access the system, each with different challenges and each expect different analytics. Helping each department understand their desired outcome is a critical step to building a solid RTLS infrastructure within a facility.

Building a World-Class RTLS System

There are many critical steps one takes when building a world class RTLS integration within a facility. This complex system of information begins by asking questions so proper recommendations on system design can be made.  Once the system is installed and deployed, end users and analysts are trained on using the system to ensure it is delivering the expected ROI.

When a facility installs a complex RTLS system, they are investing not only in today; they also are futureproofing their system for the long haul.

Proven Steps For Integrating RTLS

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