Convergint Technologies, a worldwide leader in service-based integration, has been awarded the Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour, from the Singapore Enterprise Association, a promoter of Singapore’s enterprise success. 

“A company is only as good as its people. We are able to win this SME Award from the tremendous hard work and effort put in by every colleague on the Singapore Team. What gives us the motivation to continue? It’s the contentment received from a nod of approval or a thumbs up from our clients which encourages us to strive harder every day, and to continue to be the best service provider for our customers,” said Gary Wong, Convergint General Manager, South East Asia. 

The criteria for this award took the following categories into consideration:

  • Significant year-over-year growth
  • Resilience (best practices, sustainability, and vision) 
  • Outstanding market reputation

This honor positions Convergint as one of the premier systems integrators, recognizing its outstanding strategic partnership qualities, proven technical aptitude, and front-running sales performance in APAC.

About Singapore Enterprise Association 

Singapore Enterprise Association is a body promoting entrepreneurial activities, sharing ideas, advice, and encouragement to SMEs with the goal of seeing Singapore’s enterprise succeed. With rapid globalization, automation, and the rise of disruptive technologies, the need for new business strategies are also rapidly increasing. Singapore Enterprise Association (SEA) wants to be part of the transformation journey with the SMEs. 

About Convergint Technologies 

Convergint Technologies is an industry-leading organization that designs, installs, and services integrated building systems including electronic security, fire alarm, and life safety systems. To learn more about Convergint, visit

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