The rapidly evolving landscape of security threats demands innovative solutions that can effectively deter crime and aid in asset recovery. In response to this challenge, the strategic partnership between Convergint and SelectaDNA brings together cutting-edge technology and expert installation services.

SelectaDNA Spray is a state-of-the-art security solution designed to protect valuable assets, premises, and individuals. This cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of synthetic DNA to mark criminals covertly and unmistakably. When triggered, the spray releases a fine mist of unique, traceable DNA particles, coating intruders and stolen items without their knowledge.

The power of SelectaDNA technology

The real power of SelectaDNA lies in its enduring effectiveness. The sprayed DNA adheres to the skin and clothing of criminals, making identification easy for law enforcement. Moreover, the distinctive DNA markings on stolen goods create an irrefutable link to the crime scene, drastically increasing the likelihood of asset recovery and criminal prosecution.

Convergint Ireland’s seamless integration

Convergint’s expertise in security integration ensures that the installation of SelectaDNA Spray is optimised for each client’s unique needs. Through a comprehensive security assessment, Convergint identifies vulnerable areas and strategically deploys the spray technology to provide maximum protection. This proactive approach not only deters criminals but also enhances safety for employees, customers, and the general public.

Together, Convergint and SelectaDNA offer businesses, communities, and individuals a comprehensive security solution that deters criminals, aids law enforcement in asset recovery, and fosters safer environments. By leveraging the expertise of Convergint and the power of SelectaDNA, clients can confidently embrace the future with heightened security and peace of mind.

A global leader in systems integration

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