According to The New York Times, banks and credit unions are under increased pressure from greater competition, rising consumer expectations, and mounting regulatory pressures. As these challenges continue to escalate, traditional banks need to constantly evaluate and improve operations to keep up with the fast pace of change in the banking and financial industry.

Partnered with March Networks, Convergint offers Searchlight for Banking. This technology combines enterprise-level video management with intelligent software applications to help financial institutions prevent fraud, speed investigation time, oversee operations, improve service, and increase profits. By integrating surveillance video with teller and ATM transaction data, Searchlight helps security and fraud investigators work more quickly and effectively, dramatically reducing the time and costs incurred with each investigation, and yielding accurate and measurable results. Searchlight’s business analytics deliver valuable insights into customer behavior, employee performance, and branch operations, which can ultimately improve the overall customer experience. Watch the video below to learn more.

March Networks Searchlight for Banking

  • Transaction Summaries

  • Transaction Reports

  • Business Analytics

  • Operations Audits

  • Business Rules Summaries

  • Security Audits

  • Centralized Teller and ATM Transaction Integration

Quickly Analyze Transaction Data

Searchlight’s advanced search and investigation tools allow users to search across multiple branches simultaneously, and filter data by date and time, card number, account number, or transaction type. Advanced search can also match transactions with corresponding receipts and video snapshots to resolve customer disputes, verify facts, or find evidence of theft or fraud.

Improve Customer Experience and Increase Productivity

Analytics sensors can be added to Searchlight to capture highly accurate business intelligence analytics like people counts, queue lengths, wait times, and service times. Searchlight incorporates these analytics with a bank’s teller and ATM data, providing powerful insight into business trends, as well as in-branch operations and performance.

Generate Business Intelligence

Searchlight integrates with multiple data sources, including transaction, analytic and RFID systems, to deliver business intelligence that can help to improve customer service and speed up fraud investigations.

See What’s Happening in Seconds

Keep tabs on all branches with operational and security audit tools. Review video snapshots from cameras and manage configured security alarms to rapidly respond to trespassing, loitering in vestibules, or property damage or theft. The solution delivers centralized video access and management, as well as complete system health monitoring.

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