As the workplace evolves in a post-COVID world, new technology deployments help upgrade security and maintain compliance with new safety rules and regulations. Network intercoms combine video surveillance, two-way communication, and remote entry control in a single device for improved security, cost-savings, and convenience. 

Convergint works with Axis Communications to deploy 2N IP intercom solutions to increase safety and add value to facility operations. 

Smart Solutions for Today’s Health Crisis

Remote monitoring and access control require less face-to-face interaction, and integration with other building systems such as security, automation, and more allow you to see, talk, and grant access to visitors with no need to walk to the door. IP intercoms grant the ability to unlock entrances with fewer touchpoints. Bluetooth, RFID reader, mobile credentials, and apps allow for approved visitors to independently enter premises and move through accessible areas, while allowing activity to be monitored and traced to keep track of who has entered and exited the site. Compliance with safety regulations such as social distancing and mask-wearing can be maintained via trigger audio messages. 

Innovative Security & Safety Features

As an extension of existing security systems, IP intercoms add value to your video surveillance, keeping critical areas safe from unauthorized people while allowing for secure and streamlined communication. Security and safety features include:

  • Secure building access: Keep track of who enters and exits

  • Built-in access control: Control doors, gates, and secure parking areas through built-in intercom access

  • User-friendly credentials: Options for Bluetooth, fingerprint, or mobile device as fob provide ease of access for tenant or employee use

Monitor and Control Conveniently from Anywhere

Integrations with 2N  and Axis IP technology allow for convenient remote monitoring of facilities. With one account, security personnel can monitor and control across multiple sites and easily see visitors clearly, record incidents in case of emergency, hear clearly with top-notch audio and background noise reduction, and issue QR codes via Axis software. (The latter feature is specific to Axis intercoms.) 

Intelligent Technology and Quality Design

2N’s innovative features include flexible control for up to 10,000 contacts in a standalone single (SMB) intercom installation or integrated into a larger enterprise access control system; perfect for mid-to-high-end buildings, increasing the value of the property. Proudly made in the European Union, the NDAA compliant solution features open standards offering the ability to customize and integrate with other existing building systems. 

“With the vast product portfolio of innovative IP intercoms from Axis and 2N, there is an intercom to fit every application. From advanced features to integrated installations, the security at each building and its surroundings can be enhanced and managed for the safety and convenience of tenants and visitors.”

~Craig Szmania, Business Development Manager – Intercoms, Axis Communications, Inc. 

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