Inc. Magazine recently featured Convergint’s Social Responsibility Day as a model for how organizations can effectively prioritize corporate social responsibility within their organization. Convergint’s Social Responsibility Day is an annual tradition in which, one day each year, operations are shut down so that colleagues, friends, and family can head out into their local communities and give back. Read more about this tradition in the Inc. Magazine article written by Heather R. Huhman.

Colleagues holding brooms at Convergint day 2017

“That’s why when Dan Moceri and Greg Lernihan decided to start Convergint Technologies, a service-based systems integration company, they wanted to prioritize giving back to their community.

‘That value has guided our social responsibility policy from the start,’ said Moceri. ‘As we grew and started to think about how to truly be socially responsible, we recognized that while we are a global company, business is done on a local basis. Our colleagues are the ones who understand their communities’ true needs.'”

Check out the full article here to discover a few tips on how to adopt corporate social responsibility initiatives into regular practice.