Campus officials are tasked with the challenge of providing access control to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, and vehicles. The primary role of an access control system is to manage entry and exit for doors on campus. Not only must campus administrators be able to keep threats out, they need an access control system that easily lets students and faculty in.

In addition to access control, campus officials are still forced to use traditional keys for vehicles, equipment, cabinets, lockers, and any other locked container or room that does not have access control in place. In most cases, officials are required to rely on a log book which is supposed to record which keys have been taken and returned. These “details” are typically entered by hand and confirmed by an illegible signature. This arrangement is inefficient, unreliable, and makes the tracing and auditing of keys an almost impossible task.

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Traka Intelligent Key Management Systems

Convergint Key cabinets

A simple solution is to integrate access control with Traka Intelligent Key Management Systems.

Traka secures, manages, and audits the use of every key used for cabinets. Traka ensures that only authorized staff are allowed access to the key cabinet and only to designated keys. The system provides a full audit trail of who removed the key, when it was taken, and when it was returned, keeping staff accountable at all times. 

“This solution allows campuses to not only maintain access control, but to completely support where manual keys are required. It takes what was once a manual process of re-keying to providing automation and auditing. Now clients can have control of who can get in and out of hard key areas.”

– Justin Neuberger, Convergint Sales Engineer

Add-Ons For Enhanced Security

  • RFID tagging to track equipment location
  • Built-in charging to ensure tablets, laptops, or even mobile phones are recharged while in storage
  • Proximity readers for using existing credentials to authenticate users
  • Biometric scanning, such as fingerprint readers, for added security

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