As airports become more and more crowded, lines for security checks cause tremendous delays. Quarantine, Immigration, and National Customs areas need specialized security solutions for entrances and directional and bi-directional lanes, as well as baggage and public areas. Congestion causes confusion and serious security issues. Convergint, partnered with Bosch, offers comprehensive security systems that cover management software, access control, and video security for the specific needs of airports.

Security Challenges for High-Traffic Areas

It’s critical to develop security measures that protect people against terrorist acts and illegal activity. Safety is paramount, and large crowded areas create confusion and provide opportunities for criminals to act in anonymity. Congested areas also result in backlogs where people need to be expedited through for maximum efficiency.

Preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas in airports is another challenge. Also, it’s vital to facilitate airport security’s ability to respond to suspicious behavior quickly.

Specific security needs also include detection of crowd formations and incorrect directional flow. The airport must monitor access to quarantined areas.

A Comprehensive Security Solution

With extensive experience helping over 300 airports globally, Bosch Security and Safety Systems partners with Convergint to provide an all-inclusive security solution. The system even integrates with other third-party biometric FP card readers. Bosch’s customs, immigration, and border management security system enhances public safety and protects restricted areas with IP cameras.

These security cameras have starlight technology and built-in smart video analytics. Starlight technology allows cameras to monitor large crowded areas, even those with challenging light conditions. The system offers seamless operation with the integration of access control and video surveillance.

Products and solutions include:

  • Video footage management server for post-investigation of security events

  • IP cameras with built-in smart video analytics

  • Centralized management with BVMS 

  • Access control systems for restricted and public areas

  • The ability to scale with minimal disruption

Future security offerings will include AnyVision software for object and person recognition. This technology turns security cameras into machines that learn from patterns and customized video analytics, increasing their accuracy and ability to detect true security incidents.

This security system automates some of the airport’s security processes, helping them move people through security lines faster. Bosch’s IP cameras have a 96 percent accuracy rate and allow airports to do more with fewer cameras. It’s an incredible solution that offers the flexibility necessary to control security in places such as airports with dynamic groups of people.

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