Security Operations Centers (SOC) must become more intelligent, more proactive, and more collaborative in response to the growing volume and types of threats. SOCs can no longer be reactive, security-centric environments that are dependent on operators to identify issues and events and take the right actions. Instead, SOCs must grow beyond their current boundaries to capture more data, convert it into actionable intelligence and then collaborate with stakeholders across the enterprise to generate greater returns on the organization’s investment in security.

Scott Frigaard with Convergint’s Digital Transformation team recently contributed a blog post to AeroDefense discussing the integration of drone detection in SOCs. Read the full article here to learn more.

Bottom line, SOCs must be fully inclusive of all security alerting systems.  The advanced warning provided by integrating the drone detection system into the SOC enables security staff to adopt a more proactive posture and provide additional time to coordinate efforts for a more effective response.”

~Scott Frigaard, Digital Transformation, Convergint

About Scott Frigaard

Scott enables the adoption of Smart and Safe City technologies and best practices. Smart Cities enhance the quality of life for their citizens by reducing crime, increasing economic development, streamlining mobility, and becoming more efficient in delivering services to their citizens. But cities can’t do it alone. They need a trusted technical advisor that can understand their unique challenges, articulate a long-term vision, implement common-sense solutions, and successfully navigate their complex landscape. Without that partner, Smart City programs won’t reach their full potential or return on investment. Scott has spoken frequently on the topic of data fusion, city-wide video surveillance, license plate recognition, and the need for integration of all physical security applications at many regional and national events including ASIS, International Association of Chiefs of Police, National League of Cities and Killer App Expo.