Within healthcare facilities, specifically in highly secure areas, necessary investments continue to be made into security infrastructure and security management software. Yet, significant risk and opportunities still lie within how facilities manage identities, leverage the use of big data, and efficiently perform a variety of manual processes.

According to Convergint Regional General Manager Jeff Holland, consistency and standardization are often compromised. Generally, processes are in place and regulatory requirements are understood. The challenge is how to effectively aggregate the data, streamline and automate processes, and properly provision access control rights.

Quantum Secure’s SAFE for Healthcare solution is a security management system tailored to meet these specific challenges. SAFE is a premium enterprise solution that integrates with existing security infrastructure and makes meaningful and highly functional use of what’s already there. It serves as an automated and efficient physical identity and access management tool – by improving access rights, access requests, access approvals, and terminations across the entire healthcare organization including medical staff, student residents, physicians, contracting nurses, contractors, and visitors.

“SAFE for Healthcare is a leading-edge solution that will drive down costs, substantially improve operating efficiencies and delivery of services, ensure regulatory and compliance measures are standardized and consistent, and fully automate otherwise manual processes.”

– Jeff Holland, Convergint Regional General Manager

SAFE for Healthcare Overview

Features & Benefits

SAFE standardizes security policies across healthcare facilities. If a new entrance is opened, a new location is added, or if a policy change is made, security standards are maintained. The features and benefits of SAFE include:

  • Easily manage access to restricted areas and zones with an automated, policy-based approach
  • Integrate with hospital & HR systems to simplify processes for vetting new applicants
  • Drive DEA, FDA and HIPAA compliance through consistent policies and regular reporting
  • Manage physical assets such as metal keys, mobile carts, cell phones, or pagers
  • Connect and leverage existing physical access control systems
  • Eliminate multi-facility, multi-department silos and reduce operating costs
  • Integrate with Epic, Cerner, or other health information technology (HIT) systems
  • Track visitors and patients with simple workflows and policies
  • Track contractor access rights and privileges while checking against current watch lists or person of interest lists

Healthcare facilities are able to provide a safer and more secure environment by having precise information on patients, employees, vendors, and visitors – all in real-time through SAFE.

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