Many companies, institutions, and facilities use access control systems to enhance the security of their premises. These systems an excellent addition to any organization’s security solution and can integrate with many other business systems, simplifying operations.

However, carrying an access card can be an inconvenience for both employees and security managers, not to mention a potential security flaw. Access cards can be lost or forgotten, requiring those cards to be deactivated, and new or temporary cards to be re-issued. Convergint offers the LenelS2 BlueDiamond™ ecosystem, including mobile credentialing, a great alternative to traditional access cards.

Empower People to Do More with Smartphone Technology

How many people forget their smartphones when they leave the house every morning? Not many, right? In the technology-driven world of today, almost everyone carries their phone wherever they go.

The LenelS2 BlueDiamond ecosystem does just that by leveraging bluetooth technology to transform a smartphone into an access control credential. When using mobile credentials, readers can detect and grant access from a greater distance and within a wider range than traditional access card technologies. With the “Phone as a Badge” feature, users can customize their required physical distance from a reader, in order to gain access. This gives users the option to use their phone like a traditional badge, or they can choose to leave it in their pocket and even drive through access points in a car.

The BlueDiamond mobile app supports freedom of movement at work or school by letting users access their credentials on smartphones and other mobile devices that they already have. Managers can also assign mobile credentialing to new phones, unlike other solutions on the market. To increase security, smartphones may require biometric access or security codes to get into the application, creating the additional security of multi-factor authentication. 

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Improve Flexibility While Enhancing Security

Mobile credentialing extends the life-span of plastic cards while providing the flexibility that only digital solutions can. Improved functionality of the system increases convenience for users and enhances the security of buildings and grounds.

BlueDiamond mobile credentials are simple to manage. They can be deactivated remotely, reissued at no extra cost, and automatically expire when they aren’t refreshed. Best of all, BlueDiamond mobile technology integrates seamlessly into existing access control infrastructure. The readers provide a bridge between existing legacy plastic cards to mobile access control without cards.

BlueDiamond readers are a cost-effective alternative to completely replacing an access control system, and they support OSDP™ file transfer. By allowing OSDP file transfers, security managers can send changes in reader configuration and firmware updates directly to the readers from the controller. Remote updates simplify the updating process and save time and money.

This technology matches today’s ever-changing enterprise environment. It’s a cost-effective solution for a variety of organizations such as financial institutions, universities, healthcare facilities, transportation hubs, government facilities, and more. BlueDiamond mobile is smart security for a mobile world and the future of access control systems. 

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