Many facilities across the globe are currently sitting vacant with work-from-home strategies in place. Now is the time for security professionals to start preparing their return-to-work strategy to protect the health and safety of their people. Access control systems can be a critical tool to safely repopulate vacant facilities as organizations transition back to work. Convergint’s Professional Services Group (PSG) can partner with system administrators to help ensure LenelS2 OnGuard access control systems are operating at an optimal level.

Who should get a system health check?

LenelS2 OnGuard system administrators need to be prepared for the transition back to work.  If maintenance has lapsed or there are persistent issues that need to be resolved, a system health check will provide best practices and recommendations to improve the system and ensure the organization is prepared to repopulate vacant facilities.

What does a system health check do?

Using a remote connection, Convergint’s Professional Services Group will capture several data points to get a complete picture of the LenelS2 Onguard system’s overall health, in order to to help flag critical issues and to investigate concerns. The PSG team will investigate the following:

  • Security: using default passwords can be a major security risk. If a password is leaked, this could allow a cyber attacker to gain privileges and maliciously interact with the system.

  • Database Backup Scheduling and Protection: PSG will review the LenelS2 OnGuard database and backup procedures to ensure critical information is protected and offer suggestions for improvements.

  • System Options:  Some system options may be unnecessary or are not used properly. This can lead to unnecessary system complexity and degraded user experience. PSG will provide system option recommendations to streamline how the LenelS2 system operates but also to ensure the organization is prepared to repopulate their facilities and return to work safely.

  • Badge Deactivation Settings: By default, LenelS2 OnGuard badges do not deactivate without proper configuration. PSG will review all possible configuration options to ensure there are no gaps or risks to an organization.

  • Create and Provision Reports: PSG can help system administrators leverage the power of the LenelS2 OnGuard reporting tools to help people safely transition back to work.  Convergint’s Professional Services Group will also help to install their free COVID-19 Exposure Reporting Tool (CERT) for an added layer protection as people begin to repopulate facilities.

PSG will compile the information captured to create a comprehensive document outlining system concerns, issues, best practices, and recommendations.

About LenelS2 OnGuard

LenelS2 OnGuard uses an open architecture design to seamlessly integrate a full suite of security management technologies tailored to each customer’s specific needs. OnGuard includes a comprehensive portfolio of integrated products and modules designed for use in every major industry and critical business application. OnGuard works with third-party software and hardware to give customers every opportunity to enhance their system with new technologies and innovative products.

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