What RTLS platform exists in your nurse call system?

Nurse call manufacturers like Hill-Rom often install a real-time location system (RTLS) within the nurse call system. It is therefore important that you enquire about whether your existing nurse call system includes RTLS and secure any specifics from the manufacturer. If your system does contain a RTLS infrastructure, it can support room level location certainty in patient rooms. With room level certainty, you have a base infrastructure to add applications like staff duress, hand hygiene, infant security, and asset management in a very cost-effective way.

What is location certainty?

Location certainty identifies an object or person’s position within a defined clinical space with high precision, as they move throughout the facility. Location certainty can be floor level or room level:

  • Floor level: Provides a general location of a person in an area or unit.
  • Room level: Facilitates accurate room/space location identification e.g., locating staff or equipment in a specific patient room or soiled/clean utility room.

What applications can be “stacked” when the nurse call utilizes a CenTrak® RTLS infrastructure?

  • Staff safety and duress—Improve clinician safety with a fast, accurate system.

  • Hand hygiene compliance—Obtain visibility to prevent the spread of infection and increase patient safety.

  • Asset tracking and management—Minimize time spent searching for patient care equipment and prevent loss/theft.

  • Infant security—Ensure reliable, cost-effective security to protect the most innocent.

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