Convergint, in partnership with IronYun, is hosting an informative session on next-generation AI vision for security, safety, and operations. With the commitment of solving customer problems and creating business value, Convergint’s Digital Transformation team works with IronYun to provide an AI-based vision platform that makes existing surveillance infrastructure faster, more accurate, and more intelligent.

At this upcoming live virtual event, panelists will discuss this topic and provide insight into advanced AI-based vision solutions. Audience members will learn how they can make security teams more efficient, protect critical infrastructure, optimize business operations, and improve safety.

Create Business Value with an Advanced AI Vision Platform

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 | 12:00 PM CDT

During this live webinar, experts will discuss how to:

  • Make security teams more efficient, responsive, and effective

  • Protect critical infrastructure and highly-secure assets

  • Improve office, school, and campus safety

  • Optimize business operations

  • Reduce the cost of bringing accurate AI to 30+ advanced video analytics systems


IronYun CEO Paul Sun is a seasoned technology executive and serial entrepreneur. Prior to IronYun, he founded Avidia Systems, Motia, and, three venture-backed companies with successful exits. Paul got his start in AI thirty years ago as employee 22 at Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation, a sweeping tech research consortium meant to develop the first “common sense” artificial intelligence and to ensure that the US kept its edge over the rest of the world. With that heritage in mind, Paul has assembled a world-class international team to make Vaidio the world’s most accurate, resource-efficient, context-aware, comprehensive, and mature AI Vision platform.

Paul Sun

Chief Executive Officer, IronYun

Kit Bishop

Business Development Manager – Digital Transformation, Convergint

Mr. Bishop has worked across multiple industries and with companies (IBM, JCI) who have global reach the past 20 years. He has extensive experience in leadership, executive relationship management, technology sales, team collaboration, creative change management, transformation, and an ability to take a broad view of a company’s goals and figure out what needs to happen to achieve them. Kit is comfortable with various cultures as a result and changes communication style and approach based on the specific geographic and cultural needs. Kit has been recognized for being a broad, holistic thinker and leader who is able to bring cross-functional teams together, creating a high level of success. As such, Kit is considered to be a strong communicator who thinks outside of the box and encourages others to do the same. Kit has a strong track record of opening the doors of difficult customers, creating solutions, and driving revenue with named accounts.

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