Join Convergint and SkyFii at this live virtual event to learn how Convergint leverages passenger behavior data to help airports act decisively, increase efficiency, and improve the passenger journey. Convergint will dive into the most common airport challenges and how an integrated data solution can help. In addition, discover the various use cases that historical data analytics enable. Leave with an understanding of how data solutions can positively impact an airport’s operational efficiencies and business decisions.

Improving the Passenger Journey from Curb to Gate

Wednesday, June 22 | 10:00 AM PDT


Main points and insights of the webinar:

  • Learn how an integrated analytics platform gives you the edge in providing an optimal passenger and travel experience.

  • Make data driven decisions to better serve passengers’ needs and preferences to maximize revenue.

  • Understand passenger traffic flow and journey times to make informed decisions that improve terminal wide efficiency.

  • Discover and explore SkyFii and Convergint’s capabilities.


Alyssa Mathes has been with Convergint for 10 years. In February of 2019, she became the global Account Executive for the Aviation Industry. Her focus is on understanding the Aviation Industry and bringing Convergint clients solutions that can help them solve their problems. Alyssa graduated with a Bachelors Degree from California State Polytechnic University-Pamona, with a degree in Business Administration and Management, Finance.

Alyssa Mathes

Aviation Market – Account Executive, Convergint

Brendan Maas

VP of Service Delivery, SkyFii

Brendan has over 20 years of experience with expertise in identifying, developing, and executing innovative tech solutions. During his time at Skyfii, he led the first large-scale people counting deployment in North America. He also co-authored a project implementation strategy adopted by the global organization and designed and implemented the North America project delivery system. Brendan is now focused on creating a new structure for his service delivery team to address fundamental challenges while delivering a quality customer experience.

Stephen Callender has worked in crowd data analytics since 2017, with a primary focus on transportation. He pioneered the sensor agnostic approach that we use today, which provides the flexibility to meet a broad variety of needs. In his role, Stephen works with our customers to design technology solutions that match Skyfii’s products to their unique needs.

Stephen Callender

VP of Solutions Consulting, SkyFii

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