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How many work orders does your company place a day, a month, a year?
What is the average response time of your security provider?
How are you monitoring the health of your security system to proactively drive down the cost of ownership?

Can you answer these questions? If not, Convergint can help.

Following an extensive evaluation process, one of the largest healthcare organizations in South Florida selected Convergint Technologies to develop a complete service solution for more than 100 facilities. The goal of the customer was a more affordable, efficient, and trackable service delivery system for their locations, which include outpatient clinics, doctors’ offices, and other supporting facilities, such as parking garages. Convergint Technologies provided dedicated resources and a comprehensive security service plan for all sites.

Convergint Technologies provided many of their service-centric tools, including its iCare web-based customer service portal, which automatically logs, reports, and tracks work orders and service requests. But Convergint was challenged to go above and beyond when it came to this customer, in order to both meet the stringent requirements of The Joint Commission and enable tracking of the critical devices that made up the entire legacy security solution. Convergint visited each site and developed a comprehensive inventory of all security devices.

Simultaneously, Convergint Service Specialists performed preventative maintenance on all devices. Convergint also verified and updated all existing site drawings, or created new ones to illustrate where each device was located on the floor plans. The overall goal was to provide a complete understanding of the status and location of each security device. With this information, Convergint devised a plan for the repair and replacement of existing equipment, as well as a long-term budget for the eventual replacement of security devices. In total more than 11,300 devices were surveyed.

Building Reports

Convergint partnered with to assist with the device documentation process. is an inventory system that tracks each device by placing a barcode at or near the device. All security components were tagged, including security panels, access control card readers, cameras, video recorders, door contacts, locking devices, exit devices, intercoms, emergency call stations, duress buttons, and intrusion system devices. For any new device, once the barcode is attached, the Convergint Service Specialist scans the device and notes its location, as well as other critical information, such as age and condition, serial or model number, and special mounting instructions. The scanner then automatically uploads the complete data to a secure web portal so the information can be used to create custom reports and create a complete pass-fail inventory report for The Joint Commission inspections.

Building Reports Logo


With the barcodes in place, every time a service request is logged within iCare, the first step the technician completes when he arrives for the service call is scan the barcode on the device. This gives the Convergint Service Specialist a complete history of the device and other critical information, such as when it was last serviced and by whom. The Convergint Service Specialist can use this device information to make an informed decision as to the best course of action for repair or replacement of the device. For future projects, as part of the initial installation, Convergint places barcodes on all new devices and captures relevant information, including the warranty start date and duration. This lowers the cost of ownership for the customers by ensuring that all device warranties are being leveraged to their full extent.

Convergint has also implemented the iCare customer service portal for the entire portfolio of buildings. iCare logs, reports, and tracks work orders as well as creates an invaluable and ever-expanding knowledge database. Customers can initiate supportrequests from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, and progress can be monitored and tracked on a real-time basis. But iCare is more than just a work order management system. iCare is also a central repository of documentation such as design drawings, installation, service standards, proposals, cut sheets, tutorial videos, operations playbook, and more. Reports are useful in evaluating all aspects of a work order as it proceeds from an initial service request to final issue resolution. Convergint leverages these reports to compare performance against its Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure it is meeting the mutually agreed-upon goals for the facilities.

Using iCare to store drawings and critical information, Convergint has a goal of a First-Time Fix (FTF) ratio of greater than 90% for all service calls; this FTF ratio is tracked through iCare. Every three months Convergint and the customer meet to formally review all the KPIs. The goal of these Quarterly Business Reviews is complete transparency with the customer and to identify areas of success and improvement, in order to drive down the cost of ownership. All this information and data is proactively managed by Convergint’s designated Program Manager, another key element of the tailored service.

Convergint - iCare Workflow process

Program Manager

The Program Manager has the responsibility of managing this account with the customer daily. They communicate with the customer on a regular basis in the event that there are needs which fall outside of the contractual SLAs and KPIs, and they also communicate with the Convergint team to keep them abreast of performance. The Program Manager tracks the customer’s total spend for service and regularly communicates this with the customer to ensure adherence to budgetary commitments.

Convergint is in the first year of service delivery for this customer and has met all of its KPIs and stayed within the budget. The following provides sample documentation for this project. Please feel free to visit or to contact your local Convergint Sales Professional for more detailed information on how Convergint could implement a similar program for your facilities and assist you in meeting the stringent requirements of healthcare security



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