Convergint Technologies has recently expanded it capablities by opening its North Charleston Convergint Technology Center (CTC). During the ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this summer, Mayor R. Keith Summey of North Charleston gave a speech about his optimisic view of growth in the city and at Convergint. Watch his speech below. 

Highlights From Mayor Summey’s Speech

On Charleston's growth...

“This corridor right through here is a growing corridor. It used to be you couldn’t get on interstate 26 off of Remount, and when they opened that up, it just opened up to so much more attraction to this area…. That is what we see happening in this entire corridor. It’s becoming a place where people want to be; they want to do business here, and we’re excited about it.”

On Convergint's growth...

“And the growth that you have done is phenomenal…. I think you’re in a great location, at a great time, and you’re gonna have great growth, and we’re gonna be here to support it for you.”

On the importance of security...

“Let’s face the fact of life: security in a facility today is more important than its ever been. So we have to make sure places are secure not only for the people that are coming in to visit us, but for those people especially who work with us on a daily basis.”

About the North Charleston Location 

The CTC services a 150-mile radius of North Charleston, with a focus on state & local governmentmanufacturing, and healthcare markets. The North Charleston Convergint Technologies team provides a diverse range of service-focused security and fire solutions, including system design, integration, installation, training, and support services, with a highly experienced workforce that can tailor custom solutions for whatever customers need.

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