Recent high-profile cyber hacks, such as the WannaCry Ransomware Virus, continue to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security. The risks associated with an attack appear to increase daily and continue to be a topic of focus for IT departments and executives.

Cyber attacks introduce a whole different level of vulnerability and malware can have a serious impact on IP-connected devices. The security industry is no stranger to anticipating new physical security threats;  however,  cyber security is another layer to consider. Hackers are relentless and never stop looking for the next entry point into a network.

IP networks are a powerful platform for hosting surveillance systems but these networks can be dangerous if accessed by the wrong people. An organization could then be vulnerable to hackers gaining access to the organization’s brand, customer data, employee data, and property.

Convergint Technologies partners with Razberi Technologies to substantially reduce cyber attack exposure. Here are the top measures companies can take to take to avoid cyber incidents:

  • Change camera passwords

  • Isolate cameras

  • Lock down the network

  • Have two operators for less risk

  • Don’t ignore unusual events

  • Always purchase cameras from a reputable security company

Razberi CameraDefense™

Razberi CameraDefense hardens cameras automatically so they don’t become a liability for the company. This technology isolates cameras and protects from virus and malware threats.

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Convergint installs even simple devices like security cameras with cyber security in mind. If cyber security is not taken seriously it can become huge risk. Firewalls do not always keep cameras safe. The 2015 “Inside Job” report from Meritalk surveyed 150 Federal Government IT managers. Nearly half of them (45%) reported an insider cybersecurity incident in the previous 12 months and 29% of those resulted in data loss. The largest threat of hacking may well come from employees.

About WannaCry Ransomware Virus

WannaCry is a ransomware virus that holds computers hostage until the user meets the demands. The WannaCry software infected computers operating on Microsoft and displayed messages demanding users to pay $300 in bitcoin, a type of digital currency widely used online. The required payment would typically double to $600 if the first ransom wasn’t paid within days and, after a week failed action, all files on the infected computer would be destroyed.

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