Drones and attachments that can be used to carry out weaponized attacks are highly accessible. Although federal regulations exist for drone pilots, hobbyists and nefarious actors continue to cause public safety issues, whether intentional or not. As drone technology and attackers become more sophisticated, physical security, cybersecurity, and surveillance threats increase.

AeroDefense’s tested, proven, and unique radio frequency spectrum-sensing drone detection technology simultaneously detects, locates, and tracks drones and their pilots. Paired with Convergint’s superior quality integration and installation, the technology and support team enables organizations to respond quickly, reliably, and consistently to drone threats to mitigate risks from critical security incidents.

Problem: Increased drone threats on high-security assets

Drones in the hands of careless hobbyists and nefarious actors create safety and security concerns across many industries. Drones can deliver contraband into corrections facilities, threaten fan and player safety and disrupt events at stadiums, carry payloads that can threaten critical infrastructure, and more.

Because the Federal Aviation Administration considers drones as aircraft, private entities cannot interfere with drone flight in any situation. Therefore, the best mitigation option is to swiftly and consistently locate the pilot who controls the drone. Security and response teams can determine the pilot’s intentions and prevent a future attack when they disrupt the pilot during pre-operational flights. Reliable detection technology that automatically alerts appropriate personnel to drone and pilot presence is the foundation of mitigating these risks.

Solution: AeroDefense radio frequency-based drone detection system

AeroDefense’s patented radio frequency-based drone detection system, AirWarden™, detects, classifies, locates, and tracks both drone and pilot simultaneously via a network of low-profile detection electronic sensors, providing actionable intelligence to security teams so they can respond effectively and safely to drone threats. Because AirWarden passively detects drone signals by spectrum sensing, it recognizes drones it has not seen before including homemade devices, unlike systems that rely on product libraries. The AirWarden solution provides:

  • Comprehensive detection: It detects DJI, non-DJI, and DIY drones likely to be used by nefarious actors and does not rely on product libraries that must be updated when new drones hit the market.

  • Fast response times: It can detect the drone and pilot before the drone takes flight, which provides security teams maximum response times.

  • Automated configurable alerts: It automatically alerts security teams and facility headquarters, as well as local and regional law enforcement staff if desired, when a drone enters the detection alert zone.

  • Scalable mobility: AirWarden equipped response vehicles provide in-motion drone detection and can extend a fixed or temporary system’s detection range if needed.

  • Real-time data: The Detection Command Console provides real-time detection data on a satellite view of the location, so users can see where the drone and pilot are located simultaneously.

  • Actionable intelligence: The pilot and drone location information aids in apprehension and arrest. The system also records incident reports for further analyses, which can help prevent future attacks.

  • Seamless integration: The AirWarden drone detection system integrates with existing camera systems to create an additional layer of validation and maximize security efforts with a common operating platform.

Results: Early detection of drone threats

The AirWarden drone detection system provides security teams with the early warning and actionable intelligence they need to respond quickly and effectively to drone threats. The technology monitors the frequency environment through the use of spectrum sensing, which monitors frequency bands to identify the presence or absence of drone signals. Personnel, facilities, and other strategic assets can be safely secured by proactively detecting drone threats before critical security events unveil.

Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint can help integrate the AeroDefense AirWarden solution to leverage your existing infrastructure and provide security teams with an early warning of drone threats in any environment.

About AeroDefense

Founded in 2015, AeroDefense offers fixed and mobile drone detection solutions for the military, airports, correctional facilities, stadiums, and other critical infrastructure. AeroDefense’s patented Radio Frequency (RF) based drone detection system, AirWarden™, detects, classifies, locates, and tracks both drone and pilot simultaneously, providing actionable intelligence to respond effectively and safely to drone threats. AeroDefense is a U.S. based, woman-owned, small business operating within the U.S. legal requirements for drone detection technologies. As of 2022, AirWarden is the first and only drone detection solution to receive the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation.