Correctional facilities require the highest level of security to ensure the safety of inmates, staff, and the public. Convergint, in partnership with Gallagher, provides perimeter protection solutions that offer reliable and quick detection of any unauthorized entry or exit from the premises. By implementing a strong and secure boundary around assets, correctional facilities can effectively discourage and identify any illicit intrusion or escape from the premises.

By improving security response capabilities, correctional facilities can decrease their reliance on guard patrols, reducing the potential for human error and generating cost savings. In addition, improved emergency management processes that protect people, property, and information on-site further strengthen security measures, promoting business continuity, and mitigating costs related to security breaches, theft, and property damage. Trust Convergint and Gallagher to provide the necessary perimeter protection solutions to secure your correctional facility.

Perimeter security solutions

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Convergint, partnered Gallagher, has the expertise needed to deploy an integrated security system to keep correctional facilities operating smoothly and safely. Contact a security expert today to roadmap your security infrastructure.

Please see the “IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY AND SERVICE INFORMATION” documentation, available at  prior to using a Convergint-installed solution.