With recent federal security mandates, the healthcare industry is in transformation and is being forced to evolve and make security a higher priority. Some security challenges include workplace violence, drug-related crimes, gang violence, infant & child abduction threats, natural disasters, and terrorism. These challenges create an increase in video surveillance data, and managing this infrastructure takes an intelligent, scalable storage platform.

Convergint can implement a Milestone and Quantum Corporation joint storage solution to manage the ever-increasing data management requirements of today’s surveillance landscape. This technology uses Quantum’s multi-tier storage platform (StorNext®) and Milestone’s XProtect IP video management software to create a video storage solution that can be flexible to match an organization’s retention requirements and budget.

How Milestone XProtect & Quantum’s StorNext® Work Together 

The Milestone and Quantum joint solution efficiently ingests and archives data to cost-effectively keep video on the most appropriate storage technology, balancing performance with cost, based on retention time. As surveillance video is recorded, XProtect writes the data to Quantum’s StorNext converged storage platform. Data that is written to primary storage is also copied to a secondary tier to ensure complete protection, minimizing the need to move files across the network when retention times expire. All retrieval is through the XProtect client, working as if accessing a direct attached drive, no matter if it is on-site or in the cloud.

With StorNext, customers can set up a policy to automatically migrate their data to the lowest-cost storage with zero impact to their workflow. As the data ages, its location in the primary tier of storage expires based on the retention time policy set by the customer, keeping the copy retained in a secondary tier to be accessed as needed. The technology also has the ability to set up multiple policies with different characteristics in a single system to provide flexibility in managing data. Benefits include:

  • Store more content, spend less money

  • Performance designed specifically for video, imaging, artificial intelligence, and analytics

  • Easily scales to match your retention requirements

  • Reliable and secure access to data without changing the way you work

The powerful combination of Milestone’s XProtect VMS and Quantum’s StorNext software provides a complete surveillance and security solution. This intelligent multi-tier storage solution solves the storage infrastructure problems of healthcare organizations, providing the best video streaming performance in the industry for fast access and viewing.

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