The Security Industry Association recently featured Rachel Wyatt-Swanson’s article, “The Changing Role of Women in Security.” She discussed how to fill the workforce gap, motivate women in security leadership roles, and add diversity to strengthen companies. This article included insight from Wyatt-Swanson regarding how to foster a diverse workforce that allows women to showcase their talents and contribute to the process of securing a safer future. 

Security Industry Association

Women security professionals show more talent and potential to develop industry relationships and manage employee relations; however, there are still objectives to accomplish to provide for the integration of more women in the security field.”

– Rachel Wyatt-Swanson, Federal Sales and Capture Manager, SigNet Technologies: The Federal Divison of Convergint Technologies

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About Rachel Wyatt-Swanson

Wyatt-Swanson is an accomplished federal sales manager and a published author with a special focus on capture management. She has driven marketing and teaming strategies that have led to significant growth in the federal arena and has delivered over one billion in sales for employers over her 14 years in the industry. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and received her MBA from the University of Maryland. 

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