Why is ICD Security Solutions becoming Convergint in Asia Pacific?

ICD Security Solutions became part of the global systems integrator Convergint in November 2013 when ICD was fully acquired by Convergint. Since then, ICD colleagues have worked as part of the Convergint global team, aligned culturally and in their service mindset, and strengthened over time as the APAC and global business continue to expand. With longstanding collaboration and servicing customers as a single, united entity, it was decided that now is the right time for the APAC business to adopt the Convergint name.

Which company names are being changed and when?

The new name of the principal company in Asia Pacific⁠—Convergint (APAC) Limitedofficially came into effect on 23rd June 2022.

All companies under Convergint (APAC) Limited that previously incorporated “ICD” in their company name are being renamed. The process extends over several months, as it is dependent on the entries in the commercial register of the relevant country, for which there are different processing periods. The goal is to have all companies in APAC renamed by the end of September 2022. Country-specific notices of the company’s rename are being sent to clients and partners after the name change in that country is complete.

Since September 1st, 2022, all entities have been renamed: 

  • Mainland China: Convergint (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Hong Kong, China: Convergint (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Taiwan, China: Convergint (Taiwan) Ltd
  • Thailand: Convergint (Thailand) Ltd.
  • Singapore: Convergint Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Philippines: Convergint Philippines, Inc.
  • Malaysia: Convergint Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.        
  • Australia: Convergint Australia Holding Pty Ltd and Convergint Australia PTY LTD
  • Vietnam: Convergint Vietnam Company Limited
  • South Korea: Convergint Korea Ltd.
  • New Zealand: Convergint New Zealand Limited
  • India: Convergint India Private Limited
  • Japan: Convergint Japan G.K.

Are there any other changes besides the company name?

No. Only the company name has been changed, everything else remains the same (including the ownership, legal form, organisational structure, leadership, business scope, points of contact, etc.).

Does the change of company name affect any business and cooperation with customers or partners?

No. This name change will not have any impact on the current and future business. The quality of products and services provided will continue to be industry-leading, and the team will remain in place with a continued focus on delivering results and meeting any customer’s needs.

Do contracts or agreements signed before need to be amended?

No. All previously signed contracts or agreements are still valid and there is no need to make any changes.

What do customers or partners need to do?

Customers and partners will need to update the company information in their internal systems and make payments based on the new bank information.

What needs to be taken into account with regard to invoicing?

From the date the new company name comes into effect, all invoices must be addressed to the new company name in that country, even if the order was placed under the name of “ICD Security Solutions”. Communications will be sent to customers with specific details after the name change is complete in each country, and local finance teams are always available to support if you have any questions.

What bank details are changing?

Only the Account Name or Beneficiary’s Name will be changed to the new company name. Other bank information will remain the same.

Does the new name mean a new VAT ID number or a new commercial register number?

No, neither the VAT ID number nor the commercial register number have changed.

Do the company’s APAC employees have new email addresses?

Not yet. Email addresses across APAC will be updated later in 2022. They will look like this: [email protected]. After the change, emails sent to icdsecurity.com email addresses will still be received by the recipient at their new email address.

Why do I still see the ICD logo in some instances?

The ICD logo will remain on some collateral and materials in combination with the Convergint logo throughout 2022 as the transition is made to the Convergint brand. Convergint brand guidelines are available for colleagues, clients, and partners as needed.

Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have?

Clients and partners can reach out to their existing APAC or global point of contact with any further questions. You may also fill out a contact form online.

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