Vector Flow, part of Convergint’s digital transformation portfolio, is drastically changing the outdated, reactive way physical security has been implemented and managed for years. Vector Flow’s Security Operations Center (SOC) automation suite solves known chronic problems in the SOC—an overabundance of false and nuisance alarms, large backlogs of faulty or broken equipment and devices, and unreliable and static performance reporting.

The live discussion featured topics including:

  • How the power of data and applied AI and ML is impacting SOC operations

  • The measurable ROI for automated processes that has historically been manual

  • The scalability and flexibility of Vector Flow to grow, adapt, and change with the SOC over time to deliver greater insight and actionable intelligence through no-code playbooks

In the recorded webinar below, industry experts discuss a real-time data processing, AI-powered platform with applications designed specifically to deliver transformational change to the SOC. False and nuisance alarms can be reduced by over 80% through device optimization. Device break fix processes can be reduced by over 50%, saving significant time and money for repair. SOC governance and reporting is fully automated and provides real-time insights to the most important performance metrics.

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