As healthcare security professionals face an increase in workplace violence, budget headwinds, the contracting workforce, mergers and acquisitions, and scrutiny over security and safety of patients and staff, solutions that can be implemented today to support future needs and changes are imperative. The traditional security approach is no longer a viable strategy. To succeed in this evolving and ever-changing environment, security leadership must proactively make strategic decisions around innovative technologies and solutions to improve their security posture.

The live discussion featured topics including:

  • How modern, data-driven approaches to security and safety can deliver dramatic changes to healthcare organizations

  • The impact these approaches will have on the safety and security of staff, healthcare workers, and patients

  • The necessity of intelligent automation and how it plays a significant role in a modern, security-focused healthcare environment

In the recorded webinar below, Craig Allen from Intermountain Health and Matt Lethbridge from Atrium Health discuss how hospitals, health systems, and their security professionals can unlock the power of data to make real-time, automated, and actionable business decisions using an intelligent approach.

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